NFL Draft Comes to Close

So with the closing of the NFL draft everybody has their doubts about why their team picked somebody. Michael Sam was drafted by the Rams as the first  openly gay man in the NFL. Now, his credentials say he should have been a higher pick but because he came out on national television as a gay man, his draft stock dropped. Why? Are they saying a gay man cant play in the NFL as well as a straight man?What makes a gay mans ability different from that of a straight man? Well that gay man was the 2013 SEC defensive player of the year. Whatever reasoning, the Rams got a steal added to their soon to be great Defensive Line. 


Essay 3

So for my third essay, I am thinking about writing a research paper in the increase of depression in teens and young adults. I mainly plan to focus on media aspects and other reasons as well. I believe media plays the biggest part in this increase. I have had recent incidents where I had to talk to younger teens about depressions, why they are depressed, and how to deal with depression the right, such as playing sports or music rather than cutting, drugs, and alcohol. Hopefully I can find a good amount of research on this topic and bring you all my ideas!

Ballpark Village Dedication, Grand Opening Schedule Announced

As a St. Louisian i can not wait for the opening of ball park village. Its going to be awesome and an exciting place to be. The festivities before the baseball games maybe more more exciting than the game itself! Or maybe not!!

CBS St. Louis

ST. LOUIS – As construction of the $100 million first phase of Ballpark Village enters the final home stretch, the St. Louis Cardinals and The Cordish Companies today announced the preliminary details on a series of grand opening events that commence with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony and free concert with Third Eye Blind on Thursday, March 27. The schedule of events culminates with the Cardinals home opener on Monday, April 7.

“While we are still finalizing exact details, we want fans to circle some important dates,” Bill DeWitt III, president of the Cardinals said. “We are excited for everyone to finally see and experience everything that Ballpark Village has to offer.”

All venues, including Cardinals Nation, Budweiser Brew House, PBR St. Louis, Howl at the Moon, and Drunken Fish will be open for business following the Grand Opening on March 27, with various individual grand opening celebrations planned at…

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Suns’ rookie Alex Len takes to court with #prayforukraine on shoes


Suns rookie Alex Len is the only current Ukrainian on an NBA roster.

Ankle injuries combined with surprisingly good play from the Suns existing front line (Channing Frye, Miles Plumlee, the Morris twins) have kept him on the bench much of the season. However Thursday night he is going to get the start against the Thunder in an important game for the Suns as they fight to get one of the final playoff spots in the West.

But that is far from the most important thing on Len’s mind lately.

For the past several months as the situation in his homeland intensified into an international situation (and proxy battle for the United States and Russia) Len has taken to the court with this message on his shoes:


Len said the situation in his country is a political battle where the common person seems caught in the middle (as it…

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Topic for Wikipedia

The topic I plan on doing for Wikipedia is Aviation Rescue Swimming for the United States Navy. I chose this topic because it is a job I plan to pursue in the coming months. I have been doing research on Wikipedia to see if this topic exists and it does not. The title of the entry will be Aviation Rescue Swimming. I plan on explaining the job, what they sacrifice and give for the job, and how to become one.

Abs Time

Getting tired of the usual old build muscle, get yolked, curls for the girls? Try some new stuff, how bout we get those abs in shape for swimsuit season. Even men can do these o get the sculpting abs every man wants to get the girls on the beach. Try them out and see how you like them, but remember with great work out come, a healthy diet responsibility!

Cool Dude!!

Health.&.Fitness ❤

I have had a lot of experience with writing because I have had several English classes. In both my junior and senior year of high school I took college English classes which involved a lot of reading and writing. These classes each had me writing papers weekly. I wrote about several stories and authors throughout these few years. Before taking these classes I did not enjoy writing at all but after taking these classes it has kind of grown on me. I have become way more confident in the way I write and I am a much more successful writer than I was in the past. I do not mind writing any kinds of papers, although poetry is my favorite. I feel as if authors are able to get their true feelings out through poetry more than any other kind of writing. It can easily be read and analyzed yet it is…

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Welcome to My Blog!

So I am doing this blog for class and I am not only posting awesome/fun stuff dealing with Trucks, Boots, Working Out, and Whatever Else (TBWAW), but I am also posting school stuff about writing which may not be as fun. I feel as if I am a good writer. I have been writing two semesters in college, all throughout high school, and on my own. I like to write poetry and write books for kids. I have fun writing if I am writing for something fun; besides that I hate it. Writing for research can be fun if I am researching something I enjoy. I will have a fun time writing for this blog and I hope my followers enjoy reading my posts. Here is a little daily bible verse. Enjoy!!Phillipians