Month: February 2014

Topic for Wikipedia

The topic I plan on doing for Wikipedia is Aviation Rescue Swimming for the United States Navy. I chose this topic because it is a job I plan to pursue in the coming months. I have been doing research on Wikipedia to see if this topic exists and it does not. The title of the entry will be Aviation Rescue Swimming. I plan on explaining the job, what they sacrifice and give for the job, and how to become one.


Abs Time

Getting tired of the usual old build muscle, get yolked, curls for the girls? Try some new stuff, how bout we get those abs in shape for swimsuit season. Even men can do these o get the sculpting abs every man wants to get the girls on the beach. Try them out and see how you like them, but remember with great work out come, a healthy diet responsibility!

Cool Dude!!

Health.&.Fitness ❤

I have had a lot of experience with writing because I have had several English classes. In both my junior and senior year of high school I took college English classes which involved a lot of reading and writing. These classes each had me writing papers weekly. I wrote about several stories and authors throughout these few years. Before taking these classes I did not enjoy writing at all but after taking these classes it has kind of grown on me. I have become way more confident in the way I write and I am a much more successful writer than I was in the past. I do not mind writing any kinds of papers, although poetry is my favorite. I feel as if authors are able to get their true feelings out through poetry more than any other kind of writing. It can easily be read and analyzed yet it is…

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Welcome to My Blog!

So I am doing this blog for class and I am not only posting awesome/fun stuff dealing with Trucks, Boots, Working Out, and Whatever Else (TBWAW), but I am also posting school stuff about writing which may not be as fun. I feel as if I am a good writer. I have been writing two semesters in college, all throughout high school, and on my own. I like to write poetry and write books for kids. I have fun writing if I am writing for something fun; besides that I hate it. Writing for research can be fun if I am researching something I enjoy. I will have a fun time writing for this blog and I hope my followers enjoy reading my posts. Here is a little daily bible verse. Enjoy!!Phillipians